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Reviews & Recipes



Chipotle sauce


Recently we were fortunate enough to have a few of our sauces reviewed by our friends the Chilli Geeks. Check out their review of our Chipotle sauce here.


Habanero sauce


Check out the Chilli Geeks YouTube review for our Habanero sauce all while reviewing the Tim Ferriss experiment. Looks like they seriously enjoyed it!














90 Brand Heroes


We had the fortune of meeting Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska at an event last year and she invited us to an interview to talk about our values and why we do what we do! Check out the interview here.





Following the release of our latest creation - The Pitmaster, we havedesigned this recipe for you to try at home. Go on, give it a try and release your inner Pitmaster!


The Pitmasters pulled pork


This recipe puts the Pitmaster in it’s element. All you need is:


Pork shoulder (bigger the better) we used 1.5 kg in this recipe

Stock - ideally pork but chicken or vegetable also work

Salt & pepper to taste

One bottle of Pitmaster sauce


Take the pork shoulder & marinade in one third of a bottle of Pitmaster sauce.

Leave in the fridge for at least an hour and up to one day. We marinaded ours overnight.


Take the stock and pour into the slow cooker. If you don't own a slow cooker, place in a

pan on a low heat on hob or cook low in the oven. We then cooked the pork in the stock for

next 14 hours on low in the slow cooker.



Once the pork is ready leave it to rest & pull it. The pork should be buttery & come apart easily. You can now save the pork for later or get stuck in. We recommend getting stuck in! We then lathered the pork with the remaining sauce & added salt/pepper to taste.


On the side, throw in a brioche bun & some red cabbage ruby slaw. Goes well with an IPA or ginger ale too! Happy eating!


Chicken wings smothered in Pitmaster sauce


For those of you who love chicken on the bone, this is a must! Simply take 1kg of chicken wings/buffalo wings in a bowl and pour two thirds of a bottle of Pitmaster on 12 hours before you intend to cook. Ensure to massage the sauce all over and cover the bowl with clingfilm and leave in the fridge.


Once suitably marinated, bring the chicken out of the fridge and place onto a hot barbeque, using the remaining bottle of the Pitmaster to baste the meat until cooked to your preference (I prefer slightly burnt as this means the sugars have properly caramelised and will really bring out the flavour).


Alternatively you can cook under the grill for 25 mins on a medium heat to achieve a similar effect, making sure to turn the meat halfway and baste the meat halfway through cooking.


Serve with your preferred dipping sauce, we like sour cream and chive personally! Goes well with a light golden ale or two as well!