Caribbean Mango Chilli Hot Sauce 140ml - £5

A flavour sensation is born with our hugely popular Caribbean sauce. Made for those with a desire for sweet and heat! We have not yet found something that this amazing sauce does not go great with.

Serving suggestions

- Splash it on your fry up for a wake up call straight from the tropics or use it as an addictively sweet chip and crisp dip. Goes great with everything!

Ingredients: Fresh chilli - Scotch bonnets (11.5%), garlic, mango, onion, ginger, cider vinegar, honey, water, mustard, turmeric, cumin, coriander, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Scoville rating of chilli: 100,000 - 350,000

Fistful of Spice Heat rating: 3/5

Habanero Chiili with Lime Sauce 140ml - £5

Inspired by Mexico and their love of the Habanero chilli, this citrus flavored fiery sauce is for the brave. Goes great as an accompaniment for grilled meats and adds a hot citrus punch to salads, sauces and soups.

Serving suggestions:

- Great as a baste on white fish, chicken and pork, add it to your salad for some much needed flavour or pop it into your home made soup to add a punch! Maybe even your quesadillas! I like to have it with cheese and crackers for a late night treat!

Ingredients: Dried chilli - Habanero (5%), garlic, carrots, onions, limes, cider vinegar, sea salt

Scoville rating of chilli: 100,000 - 350,000

Fistful of Spice Heat rating: 4/5

OMG Naga Sauce 140ml - £5

Our newest addition to the Fistful of Spice product range. As the name suggests OMG!!!! A true challenge for the tastebuds. Created for those who like it hot. Enjoy mouth watering pineapple followed by some serious heat!

Serving suggestion:

- Works well as a dipping sauce or..... challenge your friends to a wing eating competition!!

   Spike your spaghetti bolognese

   Charge up curry

Ingredients: Naga ghost pepper chillies (20%), pineapple, lime juice, cider vinegar, beetroot, turmeric, water, sea salt, xanthan gum.

Scoville rating of chilli: 1,000,000

Fistful of Spice Heat rating: 5/5

The Pitmaster Bourbon BBQ Sauce- 140ml - £5

All hail the Pitmaster! A smoky, sweet and slightly indulgent BBQ sauce. Created by combining the flavours of honey bourbon with a slight chilli kick from our friend the naga. A must for the Summer for the Pitmaster within in. Or if you are really serious about your meat then its great any day of the week.

Serving suggestion:

- Smother some chicken wings and serve alongside a blue cheese dip

- Whack it in a chilli

- Drizzle it all over pulled pork/chicken

- A great accompaniment for a burger or your BBQ favorite

- Makes for an intense addition for a halloumi burger

Ingredients: Tomatoes, honey, molasses, bourbon (6%), malt vinegar (from Barley), Lea and Perrins worcester sauce (Fish), smoked paprika, garlic, naga chilli (1%), xanthan gum

Scoville rating of chilli: 1,000,000

Fistful of Spice Heat rating: 1/4

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