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Fistful of Spice, Fistful of Flavour

Fistful of Spice were forged in 2012 as a retaliation against bland food. Tired of chilli sauces that were a mix of vinegar, extracts, and additives it was time to make a stand. It was time to turn scientist and artfully pair chillis with ingredients that bring out the flavour and spice in harmony. We wanted sauces that stand out with a fullness of flavour and a delicate balance of spicing.

The original Fistful of Spice sauces were premiered in our home town of Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. The range expanded from three original sauces to the six recipes we have today. On regular sale are:

  • Pitmaster Bourbon BBQ
  • Caribbean Mango Chilli
  • Habanero with Lime
  • OMG Naga

Our journey has grown from hometown origins to travelling the UK at food festivals and markets from London's iconic Spitalfields to the Chilli Fests of Burton-on-Trent. We are proud to now focus on our local food scene right here in Milton Keynes and neighbouring Northamptonshire.


Ivan Cohen

Head Baker

Sam Benson


Ann Pearson

Cake Decorator

Max Daniels


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37 Lime Kiln Way, Milton Keynes, MK145FF

Email info@fistfulofspice.co.uk

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