About Us


About Us

We are producers and distributors of a vibrant range of hot sauces with a flavoursome twist. Our ambition is to pair chillies with quality sourced ingredients and create a fusion of spice and character. We offer a range of products from mild to searingly hot but all with a focus on retaining flavour through the use of fresh produce.


We are proud to say we a 5* Food Hygiene Rating, the details of which can be found here.


How are we different?


The main comment that we get from many of our customers is the fresh taste of our sauces. The products we create are made using quality sourced produce, herbs and spices all with the aim of retaining flavour as well as that much needed heat. We use no concentrates but utilise the natural flavour of the ingredients to make the taste outstanding! To stand out amongst other hot sauce producers who provide searing pain levels of heat but often lose out on their flavour in the process. Give us a go and you will see that we still pack a punch of flavour as well as that endorphin releasing heat!


To see where we will be visiting next, visit our Events page, or follow us on Twitter @fistfulofspice or Facebook for updates and offers as well as receipe suggestions from customers and ourselves for you to dabble with. Even better why not post your own culinary suggestions of how you have used our sauce for others to try!